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Office of the Armed Forces Attorney General

The Office of the Armed Forces Attorney General is responsible in administrative and organisational terms for the proper fulfilment of the tasks of the military tribunal systems. It is their service provider and creates the conditions from which the military prosecutions authorities and military tribunals of all instances, which are independent of both armed forces leadership and Government in every respect, can competently fulfil their statutory duties.

Other than in cases where the commanding officer is responsible, the Armed Forces Attorney General, in his function as chief prosecutor in matters of military criminal law under the military justice system, initiates criminal proceedings and supervises their proper conduct and completion. In terms of the statutory provisions, he complies with the rules of criminal procedure to wich he is bound, such as the filing of certain types of appeal.

Office of the Armed Forces Attorney General Maulbeerstrasse 9
CH-3003 Bern
+41 31 311 09 52

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